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PCCUA AA Curriculum

The Associate of Arts degree is designed for students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. The curriculum listed below identifies the required courses needed to obtain the degree. Students are encouraged to work with their Academic Advisor in the selection of their classes.

Course Title Course ID Credit Hours
English and Fine Arts 18
Freshman English I EH113
Freshman English II EAH123
Fund. of Speech SP243
World Literature EH233/243
Six (6) hours from the following:
World Literature EH233/243
African-American Literature EH263
Fine Arts FA213/223
African-American Drama HUM113
Music Appreciation MSC223
Beginning/Intermediate Piano MSC153/163
Introduction to Theater SP113
Introduction to Philosophy PHIL153
Foreign Language Elective
Social Science 15
Six (6) hours from the following:
Western Civilization HY113/123
U.S. History HY213
Nine (9) hours from the following:
Western Civilization HY113/123
U.S. History HY223
Arkansas History HY153
General Psychology PSY213
Human Growth and Development PSY223
Macroeconomics ES213
Microeconomics ES223
Introduction to Geography GEOG213
American Federal Government PLS213
Fund. of Sociology SY213
Sciences and Math 11-19
4-8 hours from the following:
General Biology BY114
General Biology BY124
General Zoology BY134
General Botany BY144
Anatomy & Physiology I BY154
Anatomy & Physiology II BY164
4-8 hours from the following:
General Chemistry I CY114
General Chemistry II CY124
Physical Science I PS114
General Physics PS215
General Physics PS225
Gen. Tech. Physics PS235
Gen. Tech. Physics PS245
Three (3) hours from the following:
College Algebra MS123
Trigonometry MS133
Calculus I MS215
Calculus II MS225
Calculus III MS233
Physical Education (PEAC Courses) 2
 Approved Electives
Total 64