Thursday, April 25th, 2019

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UACCH AA Curriculum

The Associate of Arts degree is designed for students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. The curriculum listed below identifies the required courses needed to obtain the degree. Students are encouraged to work with their Academic Advisor in the selection of their classes.

Course Title Course ID Credit Hours
Communications 3
Principles of Speech SPCH1313
Computer Science 3
Introduction to Computers CISS1013
English 6
Composition I ENGL1013
Composition II ENGL1023
Fine Arts/Humanities

*3 hours must be a Literature Class

Art Appreciation ARTS2003
Introduction to Theatre DRAM2003
Literature to the Renaissance -or- ENGL2103
Literature since the Renaissance ENGL2113
Music Appreciation MUSI2103
Philosophy PHIL2003
Health/Physical Education 3
Personal & Community Health PHED1213
Mathematics 3
College Algebra MATH1053
Natural Science 4
Biology BIOL1204
General Botany BIOL1244
Zoology BIOL1254
Physical Science 4
Chemistry I CHEM1114
Chemistry II CHEM1124
Physical Science PHSC1024
Social Science

*3 hours must be a History of Civilization class

Introduction to Criminal Justice CRJU1203
Introduction to Geography GEOG2203
History of Civilization to 1660 -or- HIST1003
History of Civilization since 1660 HIST1013
General Psychology PSYC2303
Developmental Psychology PSYC2313
Sociology SOCI2413
U.S. History/Government 3
History of U.S. to 1865 HIST2013
History of U.S. since 1865 HIST2023
American Government PLSC2103
Approved Electives 13
Total 60