Monday, September 16th, 2019

UA Online Consortium

Student FAQ

Q.    How do I get my username and password and other course information?

A.    To obtain your username and password, go to and click on the “Continue Registration” link.  Select the appropriate term, type in your student id (with no dashes) and when that is submitted, you should see a page with your information on it.  Print that page for future reference.  You will not be able to access the class until the date noted on this letter (you might even give it a couple of days past that date due to some initial problem possibilities in the initial uploading of usernames and passwords).  There will also be a link to the syllabus for the class.  Print the syllabus also so that you have the instructor contact information.

Q.    Who do I contact if I can’t log on to my class?

A.    Contact your instructor first.  You should have a printed copy of your syllabus from the question above, so use that information to contact the instructor.  Also check the date on your “login information letter” to be sure that the date indicated has passed (you won’t be able to log in before that date).  If you cannot reach your instructor, contact the individual listed below from the campus where you registered (your home campus).

PCCUA Michelle Waites 870-338-6474 Ext. 1111
UACCB David Carpenter 870-612-2027
UACCH Melanie Dillard 870-722-8152

How do I know if my computer meets the minimum requirements to take a web class?

A.    Here are the minimum system requirements to take an online course.  Students must have a valid email account and are encouraged to have a computer at home for frequent internet access.  Some courses may require specific software in addition to the minimums listed here.  Specific software requirements may be found in the course syllabi.

Minimum Hardware:

Pentium IV based PC

512 MB Ram memory

Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher

56K modem or higher speed network connection


Sound Card

XGA video adapter or higher


Minimum Software:

Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (not Netscape)

QuickTime 6.5 or higher

Macromedia Shockwave 10.5 or higher

Macromedia Flash Player 7.0.1 or higher

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher

RealPlayer 10.0 or higher/Windows Media Player 10.0 or higher


Students should be familiar with basic computer operating systems (Windows XP or higher) and using a web browser (typing in web addresses, using a search engine, etc.).  They should be proficient in email operations (sending, receiving, saving messages, sending attachments, downloading attachments, etc.).

Q.    Where do I find a list of online classes offered for a particular semester?

A.    Go to  Select the UA Online button.  From there, select the Associate in Arts Online.  The next page will have a link for “Class Schedules”.  You should select that link, then select the term that you are interested in and click Submit.  You should see a listing of all the online courses offered for that term.  There are also links for syllabi and instructor information.

Q.    Where do I find contact information for my instructor?

A.    You should have a copy of your course syllabus and that should contain contact information for the instructor.  If you cannot locate your syllabus, you can go to Class Schedules and select the term you are enrolled in.  From there, you will see a list of courses offered.  You can access instructor information either by clicking on the instructor name or the course syllabus.

Q.    Do I have to come to campus or can I do everything online?

A.    Some instructors/courses require a proctored mid-term and/or final exam.  Your syllabus for the course will tell you which exams must be taken on a campus.  If you are not within a reasonable distance from your home campus, a test proctor can be arranged at another college or other location with the consent of the instructor and your campus.

Q.    If I need to drop the class, will I get any of my tuition money back?

A.    All three institutions adhere to the University of Arkansas System tuition refund policy.  NOTE:  “Class days” refers to business days at the College.


For fall/spring terms:

1.               Up to and including five class days-100% refund

2.               From the 6th – 10th class day-50% refund

3.               The 11th class day and after – No refund


For summer terms:

1.               Up to and including five class days – 100% refund

2.               The 6th class day and after – No refund