Monday, September 16th, 2019

UA Online Consortium

Distance Learning Vision and Values


The U of A Online Consortium campuses and affiliates will provide distance learning as an integral part of an overall strategy to make higher education and lifelong learning accessible and available to the citizens of Arkansas.  The expanded use of distance learning will permit the Consortium to continue to be recognized as the leader in Arkansas for providing superior educational opportunities to every citizen of the State.


Through these guiding values, the Consortium emphasizes the importance of service to its students and constituents, efficient use of resources, consistently high quality in course offerings and responding effectively to demonstrated needs.

  1. The distance learning offerings will be responsive to the needs of the State and its citizenry.
  2. Collaboration and coordination between and among constituent institutions and divisions will be encouraged and used to maximize resources, provide access, and assure quality.
  3. Courses and program offerings will be consistent in quality of resources and outcomes with those for programs offered on-campus.
  4. In determining which distance learning courses and programs will be offered, the distance learning steering committee and campuses will consider the following:
    • Institutional mission
    • Priorities
    • Resources
    • Need for the program
    • Size of the constituency to be served
    • Courses and program