Monday, September 16th, 2019

UA Online Consortium

How to Apply for Admission

    1. Fill out the Application for Admission.
    2. There is NO APPLICATION FEE!
    3. Print  a copy of the Transcript Request Form. Complete and mail to your high school of graduation.
    4. If you have previously attended college, complete one copy of the Transcript Request Form for each college you have previously attended and mail the form to that college (Many colleges charge a small fee for releasing an official transcript).
    5. Make sure you have access to a computer with the following minimum requirements and capabilities.  Note that specific courses may require additional capabilities.

      Participating colleges do not take responsibility for the support of students whose computer technology does not meet these minimum requirements.  Each campus has a technical contact designated to provide student support.  If the problem is a server or infrastructure problem, the technician works to fix the problem.  If it is determined that the problem is caused by the student’s computer or Internet Access mechanism, the technician will try to trouble-shoot the problem by phone but it is up to the student to have their machine repaired if the problem cannot be solved on the phone.Students must have a valid email account and are encouraged to have a computer at home for frequent internet access.  Some courses may require specific software in addition to the minimums listed here.  Specific software requirements may be found in the course syllabi.

      Minimum Hardware for a PC:
      Pentium II based PC
      64 MB Ram memory
      Windows 2000 or higher
      56K modem or higher speed network connection
      24X CD-ROM
      Sound Card
      XGA video adapter or higher

      Minimum Hardware for a Mac:
      G4 or higher
      128 MB Ram memory
      OS X (Panther or Tiger)
      56K modem or higher speed network connection
      24X CD-ROM
      Sound Card
      XGA video adapter or higher

      Minimum Software:
      PC – Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (not Netscape)
      MAC – Internet Explorer 5.2 or higher or Safari
      QuickTime 6.5 or higher
      Macromedia Shockwave 10.5 or higher
      Macromedia Flash 7.0.1 or higher
      Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.02 or higher
      RealPlayer 10.0 or higher/Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher

      Students should be familiar with basic computer operating systems (Windows 2000 or higher) and using a web browser (typing in web addresses, using a search engine, etc.).  They should be proficient in email operations (sending, receiving, saving messages, sending attachments, downloading attachments, etc.).


  1. Take the two self-assessments below to insure that you have the basic computer knowledge to take an online course (the following links are outside of this website and you must use the back button on your browser to return to this page):
    General Computer Operations Self-Assessment

    Communication and Internet Self-Assessment

You will be assigned a home campus based upon your county of residence. Out-of-state students and international students will be assigned randomly. Your home campus will be the institution you deal with to register for courses, pay tuition and fees, apply for financial aid, obtain copies of your college transcript, and ultimately graduate!

Within two weeks of mailing your application an Admissions Officer should contact you via email from your home campus to follow-up on your application. The Admissions Officer will provide you with personal support as you seek to begin your studies. You will be assigned an Academic Advisor and receive information regarding how to contact the Financial Aid Officer should you wish to apply for financial aid.

If you do not hear from your home campus within two weeks of mailing your application you can contact your Admissions Officer to check on its status.