Monday, September 16th, 2019

UA Online Consortium

Fees and Financial Aid Information

The following is the 2014/2015 fee schedule for the University of Arkansas Consortium Online Associate of Arts degree program. Please note that this fee schedule is only for courses offered under the Associate of Arts Program. Higher rates may apply for other undergraduate and graduate courses.

Tuition $ 95.00 per credit hour


When you register for classes, your home campus will tell you the amount of your bill. For example, if you register for six credit hours your bill will be $95.00 * 6 credit hours  for a total of $570.00. You should refer to the catalog from your home campus for additional fee information. You will pay your bill to your home campus regardless of which community college is teaching your class.

If you have questions regarding course fees contact the Admissions Officer of your home campus.

Financial Aid Information

Students enrolled with U of A Online Consortium may be eligible for Financial Aid. Possible sources of financial aid include Federal loans, Federal grants, State loans, State grants, Local/Institutional loans, and local/Institutional grants. Interested students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Officer of their home campus for more information. Students interested in financial aid must complete an Application for Federal Financial Aid. This can be done online at www.FAFSA.ED.GOV.  When completing the Financial Aid Application you will be asked to supply the six-digit Title IV school code for your home institution.  Those codes are:

Phillips Community College 001104
University of Arkansas Community College at Hope 005732
University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville 014042